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True Green Products... core products we've mastered

"Everyone is so amazed by the energy efficiency that Premier's SIP provides. It only costs an average of $100 to $200 a year to heat one of my homes. That's anywhere from one-fifth to one-sixth the typical costs for this region, so the savings are pretty significant and the homeowners love that."

-Scott Bergford, President

Green and Energy Efficiency

Green homes are about so much more than simply choosing a  a general contractor and a handful of green products. Our homes are truly high performance energy efficient homes (what we call Extreme Green Homes) with a system of products that work together to optimize the following home performance areas:


  • Air-Tightness & Indoor Air Quality

  • Preventing Thermal Bridging

  • R-Values & Insulation

Any one of these items alone helps a home's performance but when used correctly together, our system of products complement each other, giving you a healthy, economical and comfortable home to live in. Current tax rebates and incentives are making building zero energy ready homes even more affordable.


Read more on everyone's question, "Does it cost more to build green?"

The Products that make up our core system...

Weather-Resistant Barrier System

Enviro-Dri - Alternative to Housewraps - Tremco Barrier Solutions

Delivers a More Permanent, Effective and Complete Weather-Resistant Barrier
than Ever Possible With ANY Type of Housewrap Product!


Representing a remarkable breakthrough in better performance and exceptional value, the Enviro-Dri Weather-Resistant Barrier System more effectively protects your home and your reputation from the environment.

  • PROTECTS SHEATHING FROM LIQUID MOISTURE the first and most important step in preventing mildew and mold!

  • PERMEABLE MEMBRANE allows for moisture vapor to pass to the outside to ensure drying the sheathing for a better building envelope.

  • REDUCES AIR INFILTRATION THROUGH THE EXTERIOR WALLS, providing a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

  • COMPLETELY AND PERMANENTLY ADHERED membrane applies directly to the sheathing system to prevent blow-offs in high winds. No need to worry about tears and rips caused by other sub-trades. Requires no mechanical fasteners that penetrate sheathing; once it’s installed Enviro-Dri WRB stays in place as long as the sheathing is in place.

Heat Pump Water Heater

This Professional Ultra Hybrid Electric Water Heater is the most efficient water heater available with up to $5000 in lifetime savings and less than a 2 year payback period time.

Structural Insulated Panels

SIPs, Structural Insulated Panels from Premier Building Systems, are used for the building envelope (roof and walls) and create the structural shell that each of our homes are built around. SIPs are stronger, straighter and greener than traditional 2x6 stick frame construction.


They offer extremely high insulating values keeping your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Read more​ about ​​Scott & SIPs....

Green / Solar

It just makes sense for us to generate our own energy. The payback of choosing solar hot water is a quick 6-10 years and solar saves homeowners about 60% average savings on their domestic hot water costs each year alone. 


Choosing a tankless hot water heater is one more way homeowners can reduce the energy used to heat their water and homes. Many variables are factored into your solar home savings: lifestyle, solar panel manufacturer's efficiency, and solar orientation in the mounting.

Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)

Every house needs to be properly ventilated. Ventilation keeps both you and your home healthy. HRVs allow you to re-use most of the heat you’ve already paid for.​


For about $450 more you can have an ultra quiet ERV (energy recovery ventilator).  Heat recovery ventilators exhaust “used” air from your home and bring in fresh outdoor air. ​

Ductless Heat Pump​

Ductless heat pumps are super efficient and use dramatically less energy than any other kind of heating. They have ultra-high HSPF (heating) and SEER (cooling) ratings, making them extremely affordable to run. No other equipment is this efficient, and you may qualify for a rebate from your utility company.

Triple Pane Windows

For about $25 more per window, you can get triple pane windows with significantly better performance for energy efficiency.


A triple pane window provides more insulation and is more energy efficient than double pane windows. The extra layer allows another surface to be given the low-emittance (Low-E) coating. Low-E hinders radiant heat transfer, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Triple pane windows collect condensation inside your home than a double pane window collects. (This helps reduce your risk of mold and mildew).

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