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What is an Extreme Green Home?

There's a difference between a green home and an Extreme Green Home.

You see, not all green homes are built to be more energy efficient than code homes.  Not all energy efficient homes are green.  When you build with Scott Homes, you get the best of both energy efficiency and green building standards.

What a Green Home is not

A good house with a handful of good products does not make your home green and energy efficient.  In order to achieve a truly high performance home that raises the bar on performance, health and comfort, you have to choose the right systems.

To help you wade through the potential greenwash when researching builders and general contractors, let me explain what makes a home both Green and Energy Efficient.

How Does Scott Homes Extreme Green Make My Home Better?

A Scott Homes Extreme Green Home will benefit you in five important ways:


  1. SAVINGS.  You will use less energy and water in your home.  A Scott Homes Extreme Green Home will be up to 70% more efficient (depending on your budget) than any code built home in efficiency.

  2. COMFORT.  Comfort comes from attention to detail, from passion for quality, and from thoughful craftmanship.  It also comes from selecting the best products and bringing them together through a solid understanding of building science to maximize your efficiency and comfort.

  3. HEALTH.  Many of our customers with allergies and chemical sensitivites have enjoyed better health after moving in to their new homes built to Extreme Green standards.  All of our homes are built to the EPA indoorAir Plus certifications.

  4. VALUE.  An Energy Efficient home is a cost effective investment.  Our homes are built to last and exceed building code standards for energy.  Because of our experience and knowledge of building science, we are able to work within your budget to build you a very energy efficient home.

  5. TRUST.  We have over 35 years experience in building solid, safe and healthy family homes.  We believe in doing business with the highest integrity as we help build our communities.

How is an Extreme Green Home different from other Green Homes?

Most green certified programs have five segments:


  1. ENERGY EFFICIENCY.  By using efficient energy and renewables throughout the house and the building process.

  2. INDOOR AIR QUALITY.  By reducing or eliminating the use of toxic substances, and ensuring proper ventilation.

  3. WASTE AND MATERIALS.  By reducing waste.  Utilizing bio-based content of recyclable and/or reusable and reclaimed components and recycled content (

  4. WATER SENSE.  Using low flow toilets and faucets.  By recycling grey water, and employing responsible storm water management.

  5. LAND.  To have minimal disruption of soil.  By leaving trees where possible and replanting native plants.


At Scott Homes, we meet or exceed in all these standards.  All of our homes are 5-Star Certified to stringent Built Green standards.  We are dedicated and focused on continually improving our processes to deliver you a true highly efficient home that raises the bar on performance, health and comfort.  It's just what we do!

When you build your home with Scott Homes, you will have the peace of mind that you are living in a home designed to exceed standard.  Bringing you delivery of fresh air indoors, improved energy and water efficienty.  By building you a home that is built to last a lifetime.


Only 5 Scott Homes customers have moved from their homes over the last 30+ years of building.  When we say we build to last a lifetime, we take it seriously.

How Do I Get Started?

Give us a call, or send us an email.  We would love to set up a free consultation with you to see how we can help make your dream home a reality.

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