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Cohousing:  The Future of Sustainable Housing

Woodard Lane Cohousing, Olympia, Washington

True green building doesn't stop with environmental sustainability; it also strives for sustainable community where humans enjoy life, are nurtured, and want to care for each other and the earth.  Cohousing began in the 1970's in Denmark and has spread throughout the world meeting the needs for social connection and privacy. Its structure offers possibility for extreme green-building.


Cohousing is a cooperative, intentional neighborhood characterized by small private dwellings, common facilities, and person consciously committed to living as a community.  The physical design encourages living tightly on the land and facilitates social contact.  Participation in group decisions, projects, chores, some meals, and celebrations are the glue that strengthens the relationships.  Cohousing offers promising solutions to many of today's challenging social and environmental concerns.  


Scott Homes has been the chosen builder for Woodard Lane Cohousing. Completing Phase I in 2010.  Now, we are nearing completion of Phase two in June 2016.     Woodard Lane Cohousing is the only Cohousing project in Olympia.  We are proud to say we had a hand in that!


Building a custom community can be a daunting process. Our team is here, with experience, to walk you through the process and make sure you have a clear idea of the steps involved in building your cohousing community. 


Whether we are building a custom community or an individual custom home, all of our homes meet the same strict standards and attention to detail that we at Scott Homes require.  Exceeding State and National Codes.


By using a specific system of products that work together in each one of our homes, we make sure that the building is:



  • Airtight (this eliminates drafts and keeps energy bills low)

  • Reduces thermal bridging (proper insulation prevents heat leaking through the walls and reduces humidity in your walls)

  • Higher R-Values (this prevents heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer)



And we've gone out of our way to ensure that extensive third-party testing has been conducted on our green building construction methods. 



Contact us today if you are considering building a Cohousing Community.


Or, contact Woodard Lane Cohousing, for information on living in their community.


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