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Tiny Homes...Do we build them?

The answer is YES!  We CAN build Tiny Homes.  We WILL build Tiny Homes.  We DO build Tiny Homes.

What is a Tiny Home to you?  300sqft, 500sqft, 800sqft or 1100sqft?  Whatever the size, we can build

you a low maintenance, high quality successful Tiny Home.  We have been Designing and Building

homes for over 35 years.  Whether we are building you a 500sqft home or a 5000sqft home, our

attention to detail is the same! We will only build you a home that we ourselves would be proud to live in.  Our only condition is that we build to code (or better) on a foundation, and not on a trailer frame.

We have the experience and the knowledge of building a Tiny Home.  When designing a Tiny Home, or a small house one must understand the challenges, and be aware of the innovative products that will be needed. One must consider the plumbing differences between a standard home and a Tiny Home.  Heating and cooling a Tiny Home will also be considerably different.  In fact, building a Tiny Home with SIPs (Strucutral Insulated Panels) and a shed line roof, you could very easily reach Net Zero energy with photovoltaics (solar panels).

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss Tiny Homes and view some of the plans we have on file.  Or allow us to design your own Custom Tiny Home.

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