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The Health Benefits of an Extreme Green Energy Efficient Home

Part of building green is creating homes with clean indoor air for our families to breathe. Because we use Ductless Heat Pumps or radiant heating, our homes don't include forced air heat systems that blow around dust and pollutants throughout your house. Instead, our economical and efficient ductless heat pumps and radiant heat systems are installed, giving your home the ultimate in warmth, clean air and comfort!


The shell of our homes are built with SIPs, Structured Insulated Panels (from Premier Building Systems), that have very few gaps in the insulation (unlike traditional framed homes) making few places for pollutants to come into your home when you don't realize it.

We Take Indoor Health Seriously

You have the option of bringing in an external contractor that uses special equipment to suck all the moisture out of your home. This additional step, along with using extremely quiet venting (Heat Recovery Ventilator, HRV) significantly reduces any chance for mold or mildew and gives extremley clean air to the home. More than half our homes have HR's installed and this is 85% efficient in saving the heat as we filter and exchange the indside air for ouside fresh air.

Reduced Chemical Sensitivity Through Low-Emission Products

Allergy sufferers rejoice! We offer the use of low emission products (paint, carpet, cabinets, ect.) with low or no VOC's, and other chemicals that will upset occupants with high chemical sensitivity.

ADA Compliant

As a standard, our homes are built without steps to get into the house; instead, wheelchair thresholds, wide walkways, doorways, and access points are provided to suit the homeowner's present or future needs. Homeowners also have the option to build their home for current or future wheelchair access with special consideration taken to bathroom and kitchen designs.

Using the Earth's Natural Resources

Our solar heating is icing on the cake as it makes it possible for your home to heat itself, provide your domestic hot water, as well as generate its own electricity through what the sun offers us every day.

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