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The First 5 Things You Should Know About Operating Your DHP

This month we talk about 10 ways to operate your DHP optimally for efficient and effective use in both new construction, and existing homes. We do put DHPs in all our new homes, but we also encourage people to put them in their exisiting homes (our owner and staff included). So this is part one, in a two series part of the best ways to use your DHP...

1. Read the manual

You should familiarize yourself with the owner's manual for your DHP (ductless heat pump) which contains more complete information regarding features, benefits, operation, and maintenance of your DHP. Here's a further summary of what we've learned from installing DHPs and owning our own!

2. Set the mode of operation – use the "HEAT" or "COOL" setting

DO NOT set your DHP in "AUTO" mode. We find this setting to be less responsive to your home's conditions. Instead set the mode of operation to "HEAT" mode (a SUN symbol) during the heating season and to the "COOL" mode (a snowflake symbol) when you want air conditioning.

3. Set the fan speed – use the "AUTO" setting

The AUTO fan speed setting is preferred over the other fan settings such as QUIET, LOW, MED, and HIGH because as indoor and outdoor conditions change, the unit is allowed to automatically use the optimal fan speed. However, there are times you may want to manually set the fan speed. Setting the fan speed on MED or HIGH may increase the ability to condition beyond the zone the indoor unit is located in. You may also want to set the fan speed on QUIET if noise is ever an issue. When you do use a fixed fan speed, make sure to return your fan back to the AUTO setting once you've reached your desired comfort level.

4. Set the temperature

In most DHPs, the "thermostat" is in the indoor unit, NOT in the remote control handset. This is important to remember when you're choosing a temperature setting. And don't be afraid to turn it up when you're cold! Since they run so efficiently, turning them up will not significantly increase your heating bill. Also, Dan recommends investing in a wireless remote thermostat. This can do everything a conventional thermostat can do and will better control your room temperature.

5. Avoid adjusting the temperature setting

DHPs are designed to adjust to changing conditions automatically and efficiently. Once you find a comfortable temperature setting, avoid excessively changing the setting. Unnecessary or inefficient heating and cooling may result. If for any reason you want your DHP to provide lots of heating/cooling quickly, we suggest temporarily increase/decrease the temperature setting by 4-6 degrees and setting the fan speed (see #3 above) to MED or HIGH.

Remember to stay tunned for Part 2 next time! And for further questions not answered, or a complete PDF of this information visit,!


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